One-of-a-kind Table by Rohan Ward

Sculpture Table by Furniture Designer Rohan Ward

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful, one-of-a-kind table designed and built by furniture designer Rohan Ward.  Found on the side of the road as he was driving home one day, Ward hauled the massive trunk, which was originally three times this size, to his workshop in Wilmette, Il, where he spent the next six weeks transforming it into a sculptural piece of metal, glass, and wood.

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Cozy Family Photos at The Landing in Kansas City

Snuggly Family Photos on a freezing winter day at The Landing

The mother of this beautiful family below is one of my dearest friends.  We were roommates in college and have stayed close since with annual “Missouri girl’s trips” over the years.

Shannon is one of those people with what seems to be endless energy and ability.  The minute, no no, the second she picked me from the airport for this most recent trip, we were off talking a mile a minute with no pause in between topics till three days later when I had to say goodbye.  She’s like the energizer bunny, she just keeps going and going, until she suddenly stops, puts her earplugs in, and promptly falls asleep for exactly seven hours.  The next morning she jumps out of bed and immediately starts tackling her to do list.  Seriously!  I can’t tell you how many girls trips we’ve had where we’re all still rubbing the sleep from our eyes and Shannon’s been on the phone making plans and figuring out complex concepts an hour or more.

The tall drink of water in these pictures is Shannon’s husband Vladmir. I can’t imagine a better match for her. He’s as passionate about soccer as Shannon is about growth and learning. It was to play soccer in college that originally brought him to the states from Belgrade, Serbia.  He now owns the fastest growing soccer club, Puma F. C. in the Kansas City area. If it’s not obvious from the pictures, he’s an amazing Dad, thoughtfully (and adoringly) helping to raise their two lovely daughters.

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December 22, 2016 - 10:45 am

Breanna - These are beautiful! Where in KC is this?!

What’s cuter than a smiling baby wearing plaid and suspenders?

Fall Holiday Family Photos in Fulton Market

Come on, could Noah be  any more charming in those suspenders?

These sweet moments took place just outside Sonya and Neils condo in downtown Chicago’s Fulton Market neighborhood.  Noah was all smiles as he dashed this way and that around the sweet little hidden park behind Carnival restaurant. There were some beautiful evergreens in the area, so his parent scooped him up and we quickly snapped a few pictures before he was off again to explore.

My favorite moment happened just at the end of the session in front of the iconic black and white striped wall outside carnival.  Noah was so full of delight, he could hardly contain himself, with a huge grin he danced back and forth between his parents.

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Quinns 2016 Fall Family Photos

It’s been wonderful to watch the Quinn’s family grow over the last few years. This year’s family shoot included an new addition, little cutiepie Danny. What a sweetie.  As the youngest of four, he’s naturally a go-with-the-flow kiddo, enjoying his siblings silly behavior. I can’t wait for next year!

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Holiday Session Marathon!

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There’s still plenty of time to book your holiday session.  There still 30-minute slots available for this Sunday Dec. 4th and next Saturday, Dec. 10th
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