1.  What’s the significance of the Firefly?

In Midsummer, just after dusk, lightning bugs dot the night air. They are tiny little beacons that appear, then disappear just as soon as they’re spotted.

I chose the firefly as my emblem because it represents what I look for when taking a picture: a little magic, beauty, and the knowledge that I have to catch and bottle the moment before it is gone.

Mother and daughter embrace at the Chicago Planetarium on the day of the daughter


1.  What will my wedding package include?

A lot of love and tender care! Along with that, I have three packages available based on popular choices – but you’re free to add a la carte options or design your own to fit your needs and budget.

2.  How many photos will I receive?

A close estimate is 100 pictures for each hour I shoot, give or take a little. For example, if you book a package with eight hours of coverage, than you’ll receive between 800 and 1,000 images.

3.  What’s your time frame for turning pictures around?

I will have your wedding posted to a password-protected online gallery within a month (where you’ll be able to share your favorites on Facebook), and–with clients’ permission–I’ll have the highlights blogged within two weeks.

You’ll have an edited DVD on your doorstep within two months.

4.  What is your album design process?

Your album is the story of your wedding. You can showcase it with up to 80 images for a 40 page album or 40 images  for a 20 page album. Each image will be retouched by yours truly. From there, I design a custom layout according to the way your images flow.

Within two weeks of receiving your image selections, I will send you a virtual draft of the design to review and approve. You will have up to two layout edits, which includes swapping out images and rearranging placement.

From there, I will send the design to press.  Professional printers produce a finely crafted leather or high-end fabric album, with personal touches according to your taste.

5. What does retouching entail?

I go for the finesse approach–touching up blemishes and skin imperfections while maintaining the integrity of your appearance. Examples can be provided upon request.

6.  What other products do you offer?

-Custom designed thank-you cards and Save-the-Dates are both available.

-Prints: Your final images are uploaded to a password-protected online gallery where you and your guests are able to order prints of various sizes. The final product will be retouched and color-corrected, then professionally processed for long-lasting prints.

7.  What is a second photographer? How do you choose who is your second photographer?

I have a pool of wonderful, capable photographers who I choose from depending on their availability. I can provide website addresses or work examples of whomever is assigned to your wedding.

8.  How do you deliver my photos?

I will burn your edited images to a DVD and mail them to you via UPS Ground.

9.  What style of photography do you shoot?

My style is influenced by my degree in  photojournalism and  experience in portrait photography. I seek to capture moments in a beautiful, dynamic way. My bio section provides a closer look at my background and general approach to photography.

10.  Should you provide me a list?

Shot lists are a big help. They ensure I photograph all your important moments, details, and group pictures.

I send out a questionnaire a month prior to your wedding requesting all the important details, including timeline, location, and telephone numbers.  There is a section specifically for listing your requested shots. Once you return the questionnaire, I review it and contact you if I have any questions. I’m always happy to help you create your shot list if you’re not 100% sure of which groups or details you’d like photographed.

11. What about locations?

I love when couples scope out locations beforehand and plan a few of their favorite spots for the day of shooting. I’m familiar with many venues in the city and enjoy collecting unique and picturesque places to photograph, so feel free to ask me for advice.

12. What sort of equipment do you work with?

I have two Canon bodies. My primary camera is a 5d Mark II, my second body is the Canon 5d. I use prime lenses optimal for shooting in low light conditions.

13. What happens if you’re not feeling well?

Your wedding is as important as my own would be.  A stomach ache or nasty cold won’t keep me from being there.  The only way I’ll miss your date is if I’m in a hospital, in which case I will contact trusted photographers in my network.

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