Gorgeous Country Chic Engagement Photos

Emily and Mike couldn’t have a more beautiful day for their fall nature engagement photos. After a day of biting our nails as we refreshed our weather apps over and over again, the clouds parted and sun came through. Thank goodness, because this setting was too gorgeous for anything but golden light and blue skies.

It was worth the hour and a half hike out to this location. We explored a stunning property that couldn’t have been staged better with hay bales and a lone tree in the middle of the field, before venturing off to traipse through a beautiful prairie where we were the sole visitors. What a treat!

Fall nature engagement photos  0023 photo


Fall nature engagement photos  0002 photo





fall nature engagement photos

fall nature engagement photos


fall nature engagement photos



fall nature engagement photos




These kids are such a riot!

I love shooting fall family photos, especially with the Quinns every year! Their kids literally have me cracking up the whole time. They’re so vibrant and fun. It’s basically a chance for me to just be a kid again, playing tag, pretending to fight dragons, or recounting our favorite moments from Puss and Boots and Frozen.

For those interested in booking a family shoot for the upcoming holiday season, I still have openings available, though weekends are booking up fast! Call at 402-304-4057 or email me at maggie@rifeponcephotography.com to book your fall family photo shoot.

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Golli and Omid // Wedding Photos at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Musuem

Omid said he always admired Golli before they started dating, but when they fell in love, she blew away the vision he had of her in his mind.  After knowing each other for more than a decade and fostering a relationship across state borders, the couple couldn’t have been happier when they officially began their life together as husband and wife in a touching ceremony including Iranian traditions.

They were a joy to document for so many reasons, but especially because of their deep friendship and love for each other. Congrats Golli and Omid. I’m so happy for you two and wish you all the best!chicago maternity photos 0021 photo


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Lifestyle Family Photos with The Sutherlands

The years of wonder, before awareness takes over, before they know what it means to be cool; when all is new and everything is an adventure. They’re full of curiosity and raw emotion. Smiles may turn to frowns in a split second, laughter to sobs. These years, when plans unravel and spontaneity rules, these are my favorite. They’re candid, silly, and wonderful to photograph.

I’ve taken Alex’s picture on three prior occasions, but I loved this last session most of all. He was so active and fun. In his features, now more distinct, I saw his momma’s eyes, and his mannerisms often mimicked his Dad. We spent nearly an hour together, letting Alex run the show. Directions were futile, instead we just played, and let Alex be Alex.

To find out more about a lifestyle family photos, please contact me at maggie@rifeponcephotography.com or 402-304-4057.

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Megan and David’s Wedding Photos at Independence Grove

Megan and David met as freshman in college when David knocked on the door of her dorm room and invited Megan and and her roommates to a party.  Over the course of four years, they became best friends.  David even became close with Megan’s family, but neither thought anything more of their relationship until senior year.  To their own surprise, they realized they both had feelings for each other, and with a foundation that makes for long and happy marriages, the two started dating.

Already in their time together they’ve experienced a great depth of human emotion, from the loss of parents, to the joy of close friendship. They have an easy rapport with one another that makes those around them feel settled and balanced by their grounded relationship. I see this come through in so many of their pictures, especially those of them together outside and during their first dance. There’s pure affection in each of their eyes.

It’s a joy to see wonderful people commit to each other. I’m so happy for Megan and David and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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